Fondazione Sassi

Fondazione Sassi
via San Giovanni Vecchio n. 24/27 - 75100 Matera
TEL +39 0835 333348


The Foundation ‘’Sassi’’ operates since 1990 for the promotion of the culture through the preservation of the natural, historical, artistic and architectural heritage in the neighborhoods ‘’Sassi’’ in the city of Matera.

Recognized as ‘’historical subject’’ the Foundation has a strong capacity for development and Implementation of complex projects of significant scale in the cultural sector, cultural tourism and research.

Restoration and preservation, the promotion of study and research, the organization of meetings, seminars, conferences and educational activities on the issues of enhancement of cultural heritage, many exchange initiatives with other foundations and universities and all other activities developed with continuity, intensity and rigor, have enabled the City of Matera and the entire region of Basilicata to contribute to the promotion of the region in international forums, particularly challenging projects that have given great prestige to the whole region, but also the possibility to channel towards the territory a financial resources to create youth employment opportunities.

Notizie dalla Fondazione

19th to September 23 – Gabrovo – Pilot City of Culture. Culture in the center

20 September, 2016