Fondazione Sassi

Fondazione Sassi ETS
via San Pietro Barisano, 42 / 45 - 75100 Matera
TEL +39 0835 333348 | +39 337 1518106

The main actions

  • In 1990, Dr. Mario Salerno creates the ”Fondazione Sassi”
  • In 1993, an official delegation participated in Cartagena (Colombia) to the statement of the Sassi of Matera as World heritage site;
  • In 1995, the “Fondazione Sassi” calls the Chairman of the European Parliament of Culture, Ms. Luciana Castellina, to recognise the city of Matera as European capital of culture
  • In 1999, the Foundation hosted the International Conference of Palaeogeography promoted by UNESCO;
  • In 2005, the Foundation participated in the Programme “Europe Japan”, by granting scholarships to stay and study for young Japanese;
  • From 2011 the Foundation is working to get agreements with China and India to send in Matera students from their Universities;
  • In 2012, the Foundation signed with the Finnish Government (Education and Training Department) a memorandum about the use of its own property in the neighborhood of Sasso Barisano as “Residence for Finnish artists”;
  • In September 2014, the Foundation has offered its headquarters for the project “MEDIANE” organized and promoted by the Council of Europe. It was a project for exchange and interaction between Italian and European journalists who, during the stage that was held in Matera on a proposal from the Committee ”Matera 2019”, and built in the frame of the Festival Materadio of Radio RAI3, have made audio and video services on the theme of social inclusion;
  • In 2013, begins the project “Neighborhood of communication”.
  • In 2016, the newly elected President of the Foundation ”Sassi”, lawyer Mr. Vincenzo Santochirico, illustrates new lines of action for the Foundation by starting a partnership with institutions of the Bulgarian city Plovdiv designated, as Matera, an European capital of culture 2019.

Notizie dalla Fondazione

19th to September 23 – Gabrovo – Pilot City of Culture. Culture in the center

20 September, 2016